Hello there!

I just wanted to inform you guys that I officially launched my solo-project "A Past Forever Created" this week!


Are you into intrumental, metalcore and djently space stuff? Check out my facebook page www.facebook.com/apastforevercreated! You can also find my stuff at www.soundcloud.com/apastforevercreatedhttp://apastforevercreated.bandcamp.com and last but not least http://www.myspace.com/apastforevercreated! While you're there, why not give it a like and follow! All support is greatly appreciated!

Oh, the Ep! For now you can go and check out some teasers to get a taste of what's coming! Hopefully the pre-productions will be done by the end of this year! I'm still working a bit on the material, and also trying to find the right sound(s) to go with it! But keep your ears up, cuz i'll probably update you with more teasers and stuff!


Hello u little metalheads out there. Found the motivation to start uploading stuff again (hopefully) :D haha.. well just letting u know that i'm still wanking my guitar(s) and making new material all the time. just haven't been in the mood uploading regularly for like forever :D but soon i will rip ur heads of ( because of the headbaning) with new shit here on newgrounds.

Peace \m/


2010-04-18 14:35:54 by Metalized


Myspace update

2009-12-10 10:43:41 by Metalized

Check out the new song on myspace! enjoy metalheads \m/ http://www.myspace.com/demolded

My latest......investment!!!

2009-11-07 13:06:57 by Metalized

Wohooo, i FINALLY got myself a bassguitar! so from no on my songs will be pounding at its fullest on your speakers! they will fall of the shelf! mohahaha!! peace, later!!

What to come

2009-08-12 17:11:14 by Metalized

Well hello there fellow metalmates!

I recently got a decent recording comp now so, u know what that means! Yep, ("old") metalized has returned, with new and heavier sounding shit that u could ever imagine. haha, naah just joking. but be sure to hear more from me now!

Oh and, i'm in the need of finding a bassist, who can record and come up with his bass-tracks himself. but dosen't neccesery need to mix them down to the tune itself. and ofcourse wants to play the kind music i play/create. soo if u think u're the one, PM me. It's a collab-thing sorta. Later!


2009-04-10 08:13:57 by Metalized

I think i've just got a zero vote-bomb over me, hahaha...

Oh and sry for being inactive here on newgrounds a while, been working on a new recording comp since my previous crashed. but soon u will hear bonecrushin' metal from me again. later


2008-03-30 18:02:36 by Metalized

Hello! I'm working on a "band-project" so check out my myspace www.myspace.com/demolded and listen to some brutality \m/