What to come

2009-08-12 17:11:14 by Metalized

Well hello there fellow metalmates!

I recently got a decent recording comp now so, u know what that means! Yep, ("old") metalized has returned, with new and heavier sounding shit that u could ever imagine. haha, naah just joking. but be sure to hear more from me now!

Oh and, i'm in the need of finding a bassist, who can record and come up with his bass-tracks himself. but dosen't neccesery need to mix them down to the tune itself. and ofcourse wants to play the kind music i play/create. soo if u think u're the one, PM me. It's a collab-thing sorta. Later!


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2009-08-19 21:22:13

Cool to have you back man, ur music is really awesome

(Updated ) Metalized responds:

thx man! glad to hear that!