Entry #8

My solo-project and the upcoming Ep!

2014-10-09 07:22:11 by Metalized

Hello there!

I just wanted to inform you guys that I officially launched my solo-project "A Past Forever Created" this week!


Are you into intrumental, metalcore and djently space stuff? Check out my facebook page www.facebook.com/apastforevercreated! You can also find my stuff at www.soundcloud.com/apastforevercreatedhttp://apastforevercreated.bandcamp.com and last but not least http://www.myspace.com/apastforevercreated! While you're there, why not give it a like and follow! All support is greatly appreciated!

Oh, the Ep! For now you can go and check out some teasers to get a taste of what's coming! Hopefully the pre-productions will be done by the end of this year! I'm still working a bit on the material, and also trying to find the right sound(s) to go with it! But keep your ears up, cuz i'll probably update you with more teasers and stuff!



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2015-03-06 19:07:32

Hey man, just wanted to say that I've always kinda looked up to you as an artist, since my early days on NG (my original account was made in 2001). you inspired me to record my own melodic metal tracks. i must have listened to see thru darkness a million times back in the day, it was so amazing to me.

anyway, i hope you're still working on this project. oh, and my original account was called La Forge.

Metalized responds:

Hey man! Thanks alot man, that's so nice to hear! I actually remember that name! I hope i still inspire you in some way, cuz i have not stopped making music even though i don't upload that much anymore. In fact I'm actually studying audio production now so this is my passion! I'm still working on this project but not as much as i have hoped to do, but the EP will come out eventually!



2015-03-16 13:06:32

Ditto, to the other commenter. Always looked up to you, mang!! This is great news and the previews sound great. Any updates? As this is an ooooold post!!

Metalized responds:

Likewise bro, i still remember back in the days when i just started with this was new to this page. I looked up to you then I still do! Thanks for the support and I will update as soon as i can with this project. I haven't been able to work on this EP as much as i had hoped to do at this stage. I have some stuff done but nothing that is worth posting yet, as it is still in development. But it will happen, that's a promise! And it's going to be SICK!